It was a hot summer day and we had been moving cattle all day, it was dry and they needed to be moved. Young and full of energy my task was always to push the main group from the back as my parents and grandparents waited at certain points to turn the leaders.

The Sun was setting low and I was in the cloud of dust stirred by the cattle. a slight breeze broke up the cloud and it became a haze and for a brief moment rays of Sun sliced through the trees with pillars of light transcending reality altogether.

From that moment on I have been transfixed by light, the sun and where it can take us and how it connects us.

I am Métis 

live in the light

'The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science'

-Albert Einstein



Sheridan College BA of Photography --------------------- 2013-2017


Silver Medal (top student of photo program)-------------- 2017

Sheridan Excellence Bursary ------------------------------ 2016

Sheridan Photography & LaCie Award 

for Highest Second Year GPA ------------------------------ 2015

Canon Canada Award of Excellence ----------------------- 2014

Sheridan Photography & LaCie Award

for Highest First Year GPA --------------------------------- 2014

Arthur A. Ryan Award -------------------------------------- 2014


Colour-Pop: Bold and Surprising ------------------------- 2024

Open Spaces: A Contemporary Landscape Exhibition---- 2019

InFocus Photo Exhibit ------------------------------------ 2018, 2019

Sheridan Photography Grad Show ------------------------ 2017

Sheridan Student Gallery --------------------------------- 2014, 2015, 2016

Northern Horizons Journey of Creativity------------------ 2015-2019


The Western Producer: #harvest16 ----------------------- November 2016

Photo Life Emerging photographers ---------------------- publication February/March 2016

Photo Life Emerging photographers ---------------------- publication February/March 2015

The Country Guide ---------------------------------------- publication July, August 2014

McCarter Theater: A Winter's Tale ------------------------ 2013, photo scene backdrop

Where Time Meets Reality
Exhibited in Sheridan Gallery 2014

Winter Ice Songs
Published in Photo Life Magazine 2015

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