Through a scientific process, I place myself physically, mentally, and spiritually within my medium.

For this project, I am photographing the Sun when it is the same distance from my home Turtleford, Saskatchewan and Oakville, Ontario my temporary home.

This takes place at a slightly different time every day with the tilt of the Earth to the Sun. Today it is at 2:14 pm EST (ON) or 12:14 CST (SK), or astronomical noon near Emo, Ontario 1:14 CDT.

These photos of the Sun are taken within the 8 minutes and 20 seconds it takes the light to travel from the Sun to the Earth. This ensures that the light entering my lens originated at the same time and place as the light on my home and family in Saskatchewan.

The Sun to me is the center, the constant, the unchanging factor of the physical. There is a second “sun”, a mental reality, my body/mind is my place of existence. When I photograph the Sun I am drawing a direct line between a physical and mental reality within something far greater, a philosophy less definable.

To find a spot in the darkness finds its strength in concept. I believe that every little thing happens for a reason, I am in that spot for a reason, On the Earth, around the Sun, in the year, the season, that hour, that minute, to see that light. The thing is, life is through my consciousness, Like a dream, reality exists, If I go looking for it will I find it? Am I testing the fabric of my existence? Am I being too sensitive to my life and where I am? 

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